08 April 2014

My Block

This prose poem was inspired by NPR's Morning Edition

My childhood block was a grid of gravel roads running through a newborn subdivision just outside of town. Red-tailed hawks and wide-eyed deer watched us bike down those dusty roads on long, hot summer afternoons. Crashes were painful. Decades later, I still smell the rusty tang of blood-soaked dust, feel the bite of antiseptic on raw palms, and taste the tart, sweet comfort of cold lemonade.

04 April 2014

Winter's Last Chance

An icy north wind,
Blowing with desperation:
Winter's dying breath.

03 April 2014

Rainy Day

Raindrops soak dry ground,
Forming life-giving puddles:
New hope from dark clouds.

31 March 2014


Birds sing fearlessly;
Green shoots burst forth from charred earth;
Dauntless Spring arrives.

14 March 2014

Prayer of a Weak Man

Save me, O Lord, from my odious pride,
From the fleshly lusts that encircle me,
From the evils of false piety and resigned apathy.

I need Your strength, for I cannot stand,
Your grace, for I wander astray,
Your life, for the stench of death overwhelms me.

May my mind be fixed on the stuff of heaven,
My heart on Your grace and truth,
My will on building Your earthly domain.