11 December 2014

Game Rules: Bazaar (Discovery Toys, 1987)

Here are game rules for Sid Sackson's Bazaar. This is the 1987 Discovery Toys edition.

I looked all over and couldn't find them. So, here you go, Internet.

03 December 2014

NoPAD Chapbook 21: southwest

i drove southwest

away from home
through the night
across kansas prairies
over gravel roads
on cracked asphalt
dodging panhandle jackrabbits
as morning broke
under texas skies
stopping in tucumcari
low on fuel
sipping iced coffee
halfway to arizona
needing a restroom
past screaming billboards
through oldtown albuquerque
along route 66
eating chile verde
buying handmade tortillas
through window rock
into the sunset
onto the rez
over sandstone roads
past littered fencelines
by the windmill
down the mesa
through the gates
past the well

to my home.

30 November 2014

NoPAD Chapbook 20: I'll Never

I'll never deserve your love,
And I'm glad I won't.
How insufferable would that be?

"Well, yes, thanks for that kiss.
I really do think, though,
That my greatness merits another."

"A present? For me? How sweet!
But I'm not sure why the dollar value
Isn't substantially higher."

"You'll stay with me till you die?
Of course you will.
Why on earth wouldn't you?"

I'm much happier this way,
Where every caress, every gift,
Every promise is an act of grace.

NoPAD Chapbook 19: Excuses

She was asking for it,
It doesn't apply to me,
This isn't my normal job,
The train was running late,
I was holding it for a friend,
A little one wouldn't hurt,
You don't know my life,
Everyone does this kind of thing,
That's not what I meant,
I've had a hard day,
And I deserve this.

NoPAD Chapbook 18: Sweet and Sour

Complementarianism looks like
Bleary eyes before sunrise,
Crowding food-encrusted plates
Into an ancient dishwasher,
Your hands like prunes
From scrubbing yellow babymess
Out of faded sleepers,
Sweeping scraps of food
From under every chair,
Scrubbing every surface
To a hard-earned gleam,
Boiling your own laundry soap
From Ivory and borax
And Arm and Hammer washing soda,
Folding clothes you don't own,
And tucking in your wife at night.
Complementarianism looks this way
Because it demands
A husband's sacrificial love.
As Christ loves His bride,
As the Father loves His Son,
So you must love
The warm and yielding woman
Who shares your bed each night.