03 January 2020

A Prayer Before Debugging

Almighty Mender
Who works order from chaos,
Who delights
In making broken things new,
Be my Wisdom this day.
Reveal to me the source
Of this problem that preoccupies me,
This error unseen
And unforeseen,
The subtle bug
That wrenched my best-laid plans
Utterly out of joint.

Remind me,
O my Peace,
That I am dust and ashes.
You can accomplish all things
In a single master-stroke;
I cannot.
Let me sit with these truths
And be satisfied --
Even delighted --
In them.

Deliver me from
From an irritation
That lashes out in anger.
May the grace of my Savior
Overflow from my mind,
My lips,
My hands,
As I interact with others
Who also bear Your image,
Others for whom You paid
The same unspeakable price.

May I move slowly
And thoughtfully today,
Taking small steps
With wide eyes
As I ask, seek,
And knock my way through
This troublesome bit of code.
May I persevere in faith,
Following in Your footsteps,
O Great Redeemer of all things,
That those who ask shall receive,
Those who seek shall find,
And those who knock
Shall see doors opened.

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