03 July 2006

Essay Project

I'm tired of politics, so I'm going to make a transition to blogging creative writing for a while. Consequently, updates will probably be less frequent, but they might end up being more pretty and/or thoughtful.

As creative writing goes, I'm not much of a poet, so that's out for the moment. I don't really write plays -- all my attempts seem to degenerate into satire -- and my fiction tends to be unreadable. That leaves me with one literary genre: literary non-fiction. Sorry if that seems pretentious or somehow arrogant, but it's the only thing I really feel confident about generating at this point. I pretty much promise it won't be rambling rants and self-important Observations About Significant Things (though I make no guarantees). It might, however, be a little more introverted than anyone wants to read, and I'm not offended if you choose to ignore it. So there you go.

I'll probably post some old stuff before getting into new writings; I welcome comments on anything I post here.

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