20 November 2006

Actual Conversation With Mrs. L.

Guy on a skateboard rolls past Luaphacim and and Mrs. Luaphacim as they walk up the hill to school.

Luaphacim: That hippy needs to stop gallivanting around on his skateboard and get a job.

Mrs. Luaphacim: But maybe he's on his WAY to his job.

Luaphacim: Well, it's not a very responsible mode of transportation! What happens if one of those wheels comes off? Then where will he be? A hippy on a worthless, three-wheeled skateboard. A three-wheeled hippy.

A long pause, punctuated by the sounds of Luaphacim panting as the hill gets steeper.

Luaphacim: I mean, even those new-fangled roller skates would be better.

Mrs. Luaphacim rolls her eyes.

Luaphacim: No, really. Because if one of the wheels came off, he could just go on one foot. It's easy, I see 'em do it all the time.

Another long pause.

Luaphacim: I mean, even those in-line skates that all those young punks wear would be more responsible. Because that way if you lose one, you've got a whole row of extras. You probably wouldn't even notice you were missing one. Yep. That'd be the way to go. Mmhmm.

Mrs. Luaphacim: You're so weird.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mrs. L. ;)

Anonymous said...

It was kind of a one-sided conversation.

-Mrs. L.