05 February 2007

A Smart Solution

Last week, Turner Broadcasting wrought havoc in Boston by putting up electronic Mooninite signs throughout the city to promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The signs held up traffic and cost emergency responders a lot of time and trouble as they tried to deal with the devices, which many alert Bostonians reported as possible bombs. (Interestingly, Turner displayed the same types of signs in New York, where no one at all seemed to notice or care).

Kudos to the folks at Turner who decided to pay $2 million to fix the Mooninite-related woes. According to E! News,
Of the $2 million settlement, $1 million will be divided among city and state enforcement agencies who turned out in force to subdue the Mooninite threat by removing the offending circuit boards from bridges, subway stations and commuter hubs around the city (where they had been placed about two weeks earlier).

This is a brilliant strategy, and I wish more corporations did things like this. Turner has simultaneously fixed its huge PR problem and promoted itself as a pro-Homeland Security corporation. Nice move, dudes. Seriously.

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MagenRanae said...

"Where they had been placed about two weeks earlier"?!