22 November 2008

Meme Meme Meme

No time for substance!

The meme is via the Eavesdrop Writer Blog, which normally doesn't contain memes. Nonetheless, it must have caught the Vivienne's fancy as it has caught mine. (Incidentally, it's a pretty interesting blog and you should go there sometime.)

Here's the deal:
(1) Grab the nearest book
(2) open the book to page 56
(3) find the fifth sentence
(4) post the text of the next two to five sentences
(5) don’t dig for your favorite book. Pick the closest
(6) tag five people to do the same

Note that if you dig around for your favorite book, it ruins the whole point of the thing. It must be the book that is spacially closest to you.

The nearest book is The Art of the Essay, edited by Lydia Fakundiny. I was recently re-reading this with fond memories of my non-fiction creative writing class at KU.

The essay is Benjamin Franklin's "The Ephemera". [This is the conclusion of the ephemera's soliloquy. I have linked to the full text above in case you want to read the rest of this short but insightful essay.]

"To me, after all my eager pursuits, no solid pleasures now remain, but the reflection of a long life spent in meaning well, the sensible conversation of a few good lady ephemera and now and then a kind smile, and a tune from the ever-amiable Brillante."

How very Franklinian. Happy weekend, dear readers! I figure that five people will read this, if I am lucky, so I tag you all.


DP said...

Sounds fun! I'm in.

MagenRanae said...

I believe the rules said 2-5 sentences, and I see no periods is that jumble of words!

luaphacim said...

Tee hee. That is, regrettably, the last sentence in the essay. I was WONDERING if any hott little wifeys would catch on to that! ;-)

lanes said...

Question: I do not understand your Luaphacim name origins-- can you enlighten the unenlightened?

Tricia said...

I like that quote, and also your picture. It has been a while since I've seen you and your "wifey," but I didn't think you'd grow such a beard in that time, or that your hair would turn snowy white, or that your face would look like something an artist drew. Hmmmm.
ps. did you know that Barbara broke?!