20 January 2009

An Invention I Can Wholeheartedly Recommend

Courtesy of that excellent Christian publication, The End Times:
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, — Christianware, Inc., a supplier for Christian bookstores worldwide, today announced a new product that will enable born again women to convert the secular romance novels they once used to gratify the desires of their sinful nature into romance novels that will encourage more heavenly desires.

“I am excited to introduce the Christian Romance Novel Converter," said Jedidiah Thomas, president of Christianware, "You simply place a worldly romance novel into the converter, wait 10 minutes for the book conversion machinery to perform its function, and then open up the converter to find a Christian romance novel much better suited to women of a Christian mindset."
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is correct! Make haste to read this article before you are consumed with sinful fleshly passions!!


Unknown said...

WooHoo! I made it on highly literary "Noises from the Machine" - Blogging has reached whole new heights for me.

meesh said...

Andrew and I laughed really hard at this one! =)