07 March 2009

Meme Me Up, Scottie!

Again with the lack of substance -- I have other irons in my metaphorical fire at the moment. I am blogging, just not here. I might link to my efforts if the appropriate parties will give me permission. And by "appropriate parties," I mostly mean Mrs. Luaphacim, who is the primary focus of this other blog but doesn't know it yet because she is taking a Lenten fast from the Intarweb. More on that to come, perhaps.

But now for the meme: Google "*my name* needs" and look at the first 10 results. (But instead of *my name*, put your name.) They apparently tell you something deep and important about yourself.

1.) Luaphacim needs a ministry philosophy.
2.) Luaphacim needs to take better pictures on flickr
3.) Luaphacim needs Your Address!!
4.) Luaphacim needs to read up on the scriptures of comedian ron white
5.) Luaphacim needs music to dance
7.) Luaphacim needs a name for his future network of QSAs on christian campuses
8.) Luaphacim needs home, a male domestic shorthair
9.) Luaphacim needs to expand my business, and am looking for small businesses that cannot afford the going rate for most designers
10.) Luaphacim needs an accepted phrase that broadly covers all these near-alternatives to avoid the danger of confusion and delay in our meetings while we debate the merits of each.

Apparently I am either a homeless animal or a very eclectic ministry-minded person... so, really, not too far from the truth, I suppose. What about you, dear reader?


Laurel said...

Me, I just want to know more about this other blog project that focuses on the lovely Mrs. Luaphacim.
However, the meme was a hoot... I haven't seen many that have very many things in common.

Andrew Hawkinson said...

So um uh ... the first hit for me was "Andrew needs a life" ... pretty sad really ...