31 January 2010


ERROR: timeout

each print job a unique piece
of correspondence,
informing welathy businessmen
and penniless widows alike
of "important information
regarding your life insurance policy" --
beneficiary designations,
policy changes,
requests Not In Good Order --
a trove of life-or-death information

frozen in a digital limbo,


too many, too fast,
print device not ready:
error printouts
instead of carefully crafted letters,
the opposite of useful on this busiest day
of the tax season,
when recently bereaved lovers

and cranky old retirees
queue up telephonically,
dozens deep,

for policy information
and claim forms,
a day when it is all you can do
to hit "print" between calls.


and now, all those hurried "prints"
add up to something
whose sum is less than nothing,
a timeout
on a day when there simply is

no more time

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