25 December 2012

Gifts From Afar

I'm very grateful on this day for my Hutchbuddies, the Warnemuendes. As part of the Rabbit Room's gift exchange, they sent me not one, but TWO fabulous books, as well as a beautiful handmade card and bookmarks!

The two books are Sally Lloyd-Jones's Song of the Stars and an omnibus collection of Asterix comics. The former is a book I have been wanting for some time, and the latter is a delightful introduction to a whimsical, pun-filled saga of Gaulish resistance to Roman rule.

The gifts are lovely and thoughtful, but I am still more thankful for the community they represent. These folks have met me in person maybe once, but they still care for me and want to share beauty with me on the occasion of our Savior's birth. How good and pleasant it is to dwell together in unity with brethren I've barely even met!

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Sheik Yerbouti said...

Wow, I haven't read Asterix since I was ten or so (came across them at a friend's house).

It's a joy to see so many Hutchfriends engaged in gift-based encouragement, and I hope to cross paths with you all again soon!