20 October 2013

Thanksgiving: Day 6

126. 300 posts on this blog (if you count the 5 unpublished draft posts)
127. The word "no"
128. Learning how to say "no"
129. Toddlers who say "no, thank you" instead of "no"
130. Our quirky furnace
131. The instructions on said furnace (two sets: both in French, both identical)
132. That the word "explosion" is the same in French as in English
133. Teleconferences
134. Meetings that don't last as long as they were scheduled to
135. Date night
136. Error handling
137. A warm house on a cold night
138. A playground within walking distance
139. Two little boys who love being with their daddy
140. Playing music with my sons down by the river
141. Razors
142. The Amish
143. Books on World War I
144. The Treaty of Versailles
146. Python
147. Pong
148. CodeSkulptor.org
149. CourseEra.org
150. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

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