12 July 2015

John 6: Hungry for Bread

I am full of miraculous bread,
Wondrous, delicious, temporal,
And then I hunger again,
So I come to you, begging:
Just one more loaf?

You dismiss my bellyhunger,
Offering to meet a deeper need,
And I say that sounds fine,
But maybe just one more sign,
Perhaps involving something
Crusty on the outside and soft within.

You say I should work God's work,
Which is all right with me,
So long as that work is
Multiplying fish, adding loaves,
Or possibly conjuring wine
By the sacred washtubful.

Desperate for a fix,
I demand credentials:
How do I even know you are 
Who you claim to be?
Show me a sign; 
I have the perfect one in mind:
How about a nice, fresh batch
Of heavenly bread?

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