10 October 2018

Terrorism Rerun

The radio says
Terrorists hit a train
As if it is all Quite Shocking Indeed.
Three are dead,
Two were brothers,
And one the authorities haven't yet named.

I cut off the radioman in the middle
Of his frantic lament
And think of Thoreau, who,
when offered a newspaper,
Said "No, thanks -- I've already seen one."

This is like how TBS shows the same movie
Twelve times in two weeks.

I've seen this already
In Paris and Kabul
And Denver and Belfast and Hiroshima
And Baghdad and Constantinople
And Manila and Capetown and Bethlehem.

The ending is unbelievable and unoriginal,
And that actress was much prettier
When she was much younger.

Isn't it strange
How much a person can change
Over time,
And yet how little

People do?

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