23 June 2006

And Surprising No One...

I have long suspected that anyone who joins MENSA is desperate for some kind of positive qualification, no matter how arbitrary. These people also tend to be self-centered and not especially smart in any sense except an abstract one.

This Guy is an example:
A MENSA smarty who managed to turn on the charm and con both women and welfare staffers was sentenced yesterday to one to three years in prison after a judge expressed his disappointment with the 'waste of intellect' from this unlikely Casanova.
Truly smart people should not need to
A. Belong to MENSA
B. Use MENSA to meet women
C. Tell anyone (and everyone) who will listen that they belong to MENSA
D. Mention MENSA membership to the freaking judge in a case where they:
i. Used their mental powers to manipulate a woman by forcing her to rent apartments and help him scam the welfare system
ii. Followed up their relationship with said woman by "threatening her, her family, her neighbors, and even her cats." ("'She feels bitter,' he said, adding 'I'm a cat person.'")

The judge's comment just about sums it up: "You're such a stud."

And we'll give the last word to the sleazeball: "'While flattering, I'm hardly a Casanova,' replied the balding, pony-tailed[, grammatically incorrect] defendant."


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Honey, I won't tell anyone that you have this year's MENSA calendar.

-Your wifey

luaphacim said...

Argh! Wifey'd!

How could you betray me after all we've meant to one another?

And what are you doin' for the rest of your life, hott stuff? ;-)