24 October 2006


Note from the LuapHacim, 11/14/2012: The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect my current beliefs and convictions. Even if they do, I would almost certainly express them in different words today. Time changes people, and I am not exempt. Nonetheless, because of its historical value, I will not modify or remove this post. It tells you (and me) something important about where I've been. Read on at your own peril.

Kind of scary story from the New York Daily News today. Apparently, talking on the phone can have an extremely adverse effect on sperm count and quality. Since Mrs. Luaphacim wants to have babies sometime, this probably means I should limit my hours of gabbing with people like Spartacus, EB, and, ironically, even Mrs. L herself! :-(

Or I could ignore the media-created freakout session based on a study with somewhat questionable methodology. But no, that would be foolish.


Unknown said...

mrs. luaphacim.. has a certain ring to it. heh. marriage always does.

tsbjf said...

Sounds pretty bogus, but maybe they were missing the whole point in their study. They mentioned that guys with the poorest count talked for at least 4 hours a day--that's a long time talking on a cell phone each day! Maybe they neglected good eating habits and exercise, which I can see affecting that more. Don't worry, your family doesn't seem to have a problem producing offspring :) .