22 January 2007

School Has Started

Classes began on Friday, and I'm already far behind. I guess that means it's a good thing that the battery in my Camry died so that I couldn't go to an English department reception tonight. Work for me, yessirree. :-)

The robot class seems to be going well, but we're not in the actual SF yet (I had them read parts of Frankenstein and the Golem legend for today). Comp II is all right, I guess. I get really annoyed by a couple of the kids in there. It's tough to love as I would like to be loved, but I reckon I ought to anyway.

Meanwhile, I've got a bunch of other stuff going on, too:

* Master's exam reading (the exam's in March or April, probably)
* Work at my morning job (about 3 hours/day)
* Old English (Beowulf, actually)
* Linguistics and 2nd Language Acquisition (class hasn't started yet; it's Tu/Th)
* Starting on an editing project for a couple mass comm. professors' book
* Being a hubby
* Trying to follow Jesus more closely

1 comment:

Unknown said...

as long as you keep the last two items on your list the most important, you'll do just fine, brother :)

Sidenote to EB- now this is a lovefest comment :)