29 October 2012

Burning Out

As someone who experienced painful burnout periods no less than three times in his (admittedly short) adult life, I found this blog post refreshing and spot-on: When the Soul Needs Rest, by my Hutch-friend Jen.

This part hit especially (not "expecially" -- never, ever, EVER "expecially"!) close to home:
Rest is hard for me. It's hard because I want to be doing, accomplishing, making, participating... all kinds of -ings. I know I need it to function correctly, but at the same time, I hate missing things or letting people down
And yet our Creator made us to need rest. He modeled a rest-day immediately after creating us, and woe to those who are so enamored with all the -ings that they forget to follow His example.

Blessed are those who find rest, even in the face of Valuable Things that need to be accomplished.

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