31 October 2012

Give This Guy a Listen

Heath McNease, a a hip-hop and acoustic folk singer from Atlanta (I don't know how this is possible, but it apparently is), has released a new EP on his bandcamp page. Losing Daylight is the name of this new project, and it's unique in at least two significant ways.

Here's his description of the project:
This is an EP that I recorded in one day (15 hours to be exact). I wanted to make an album that conveyed the fleeting nature of autumn, and I felt nothing could convey that feeling of melancholy and urgency more naturally than to produce the songs in one single day. Every second was precious. There was no time to mull over decisions or bring in extra hands. The end result is a project that is both organic and polished...raw and full.
A little bit astounding, no?

Well, here's something more astounding: Out of Heath's last eight projects, this is the only one he hasn't given away for free. You can check his stuff out at heathmcneasemusic.com or on his bandcamp site. It's really good, and it's amazing that he has given so much of it away to his fans.

He's asking for $5 to download Losing Daylight. That's less than some bowls of chili, so I don't think it's too much to pay for what promises to be a delightful taste of autumn.

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