20 October 2010

Vacation Blessings: Day 6

The Trip

We just sat around the house in Burke, enjoying the company of our friends, blogging, and relaxing. In my mind, this is the sweetest part of any vacation. I enjoy seeing things and visiting new places, but sometimes you just need a sabbath rest.

In the evening, we walked to a grocery store and a nearby Caribou Coffee for a date while our hosts were at prayer meeting.

The Blessings

Great Friends. We love spending time with these people. They're the best kind of friends: the kind who you can pick up your relationship with at any time, no matter how long it's been since you last saw them or spoke with them.

Being Comfortable. It's not just anyone who can make you feel completely at home, so we are really blessed to feel that way right now. Our rest here has been rest indeed! We don't have to worry about intruding or outstaying our welcome or any of the other things that come along with visiting. We know they love us and want us here, and we know that we belong.

Fellowship and Encouragement. One of the nicest things of all is knowing that our friends share our values, our sense of humor, and most importantly, our love for Christ. Being with them is a constant strengthening for us. And it delights us to know that we encourage them, too.

Date Night! I always love spending time with my wife and baby. It's really fun to be able to go out for coffee and a walk together. And the umbrella stroller we're borrowing from my mother-in-law works great!

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