04 April 2006

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country...

So, apparently, New Mexico is the state that gets the biggest benefits from the Feds per tax dollar spent. According to The Tax Foundation, The Land of Enchantment receives two shiny new dollars in goods and services for every dollar its residents send to the IRS.

Kansas, appropriately, is right around the middle at $1.12, and New Hampshire gets the shaft, receiving a dismal $0.67 on the dollar. Washington D.C., whose motto is "Taxation Without Representation," doesn't really have to worry too much about losing out; it receives $6.64 per dollar spent in federal taxes. That's a little misleading, perhaps, because of all the federal buildings and National Parks-run memorials and so forth in D.C., but, hey -- at least they're not New Hampshire.

You can read the report for yourself -- some interesting stuff in there.

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