24 April 2006


I hate to go all LJ on you, but that's how it's gonna be. For more politics or current events or that kind of crap, look for a post tomorrow a.m.

I'm happy today. My brain seems to be working the way I think it should (in general, that is; M and I, however, lost big-time at spades earlier this evening. :-( ), school is manageable, and I have an amazingly wonderful life. I had a test in Middle English today, I taught pretty well, and I got a start on my big paper (which involves a Scottish Romantic novel in which the Devil encourages a young man to be a hyper-Calvinist, after which he then uses him to commit murders).

All in all, a productive day. To top it all off, the wifey was waiting at home with my favorite: chicken Alfredo, bless her heart.

Beddie bye now.

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Unknown said...

missed seeing you the other day. seems like things are going well :)