12 April 2006

What Everyone Was Afraid to Say About Couric

Interesting Newsday Column about Today Show darling Katie Couric. This is the woman who has received a top anchor spot at CBS news and who has been picked up as a correspondent by 60 Minutes. It's telling that her greatest qualification for being an anchor is her "brave" crusade against mankind's truest enemy: colon cancer.

True story: I watched a filming of Today when I was in NYC six years ago. I remember being mentally scarred by Couric's colonoscopy, which was televised. For the whole world to see. Yep, the newest anchor of CBS News has displayed her colon to the whole world.

I don't mean to bash Couric; her husband died of colon cancer, and I can respect her crusade against the disease. Nonetheless, the columnist has a point when she writes,

Network TV, with less tradition and more flexibility than print media, seems to have more talented, broadly experienced women. But, as often happens with women and minorities in all kinds of jobs, the men in suits who do the choosing - culturally lagging years and even decades behind the rest of the country - are more comfortable with the mediocre than the superior.

It's food for thought, if nothing else. But whatever you do, don't think too hard about Katie Couric's colon. Ew.

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