15 May 2006

Another Problem With U.S. Intelligence

The Department of Justice is petitioning a federal court to throw out the claim of an accused terrorist who was held without legal recourse in an offshore prison somewhere in Europe. The DoJ cites "national defense" as its reason.

I don't have to tell you how disturbed I am by this, I think. It enrages me that the U.S. government would

1.) Arrest and imprison an innocent person without that person having legal representation and a scheduled trial

2.) Do so using a legal loophole that may imply that illegal imprisonment and torture is just fine offshore

3.) Try to prevent the victim of U.S. policy from EVER getting a fair shake because national security demands absolute secrecy about our scummy, evil intel tactics

"Department of Justice"? How much more Orwellian can this get?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

the sad part is noone will run opposing this.. which leads me to believe that... (Gasp!) the public doesn't care enough to vote on it.