18 May 2006

The Fiscal Irresponsibility Continues

According to the New York Post, President Bush is boasting of a $70 billion tax cut for the middle class. The cut is designed to prevent the wealthier-than-graduate-teaching-assistant crew from having to pay the minimum alternative tax for another year.

Why, why, why is this something that the president who has increased federal spending more than anyone since FDR wants to bring attention to? Why stand up and holler about what you're doing to prevent the U.S. government's budget from ever getting balanced?

Midterm elections, that's why. For the party in power (not to refrain from knocking the party not in power; they've done their fair share of budget-screwing, too), apparently a lopsided lope toward a larger national debt is a small price to pay for a few more votes in a midterm election when presidential popularity is threatening to crash through the floorboards into the root cellar.

Meanwhile, the administration still doesn't know where the money will come from for President Bush's brilliant plan to mobilize National Guard troops to the border in a gesture that is very meaningful and helpful and not at all an empty symbol, I'm sure.

This is why I hate politicians.

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