09 May 2006

Lesbian Brains

Interesting story from the Associated Press about biology and gender:
Lesbians' brains react differently to sex hormones than those of heterosexual women, Swedish researchers say. That's in line with an earlier study that had indicated gay men's brain responses were different from straight men's. In both cases, the findings add weight to the idea that homosexuality has a physical basis and is not learned behavior.

I wonder what kinds of spin the right will put on this -- and I also wonder what kinds of assumptions the researchers had going into the study and what kind of methodology they used.

I've been thinking a lot about science and religion lately. They have a very tricky relationship, and it's one that I'm not sure can be compartmentalized so neatly as I would prefer. Their fundamental values and assumptions are so radically different that it becomes very difficult to make them work together. At the same time, they also make truth claims that contradict one another, and so almost force a confrontation.

At any rate, perhaps studies like this will contribute more to our understanding of difference. At the very least, they give us something interesting to think about.

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Iris said...

I thought this article was very interesting too. Waiting for the backlash from the right....