24 May 2006

How Much Do We Hate Hamas?

Note from the LuapHacim, 11/14/2012: The views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect my current beliefs and convictions. Even if they do, I would almost certainly express them in different words today. Time changes people, and I am not exempt. Nonetheless, because of its historical value, I will not modify or remove this post. It tells you (and me) something important about where I've been. Read on at your own peril.

The answer? Enough that our spite kicks their UN Delegation out of the country and essentially isolates the Palestinian government from any international community except the Islamic one.

The New York Daily News reports that
The House overwhelmingly passed a measure yesterday that would effectively kick the Palestinian UN delegation out of the country.

A bill which aims to make it illegal to send any funds to Hamas included an amendment that would designate the Palestinian Authority - now headed by Hamas - to be a terrorist group and force it to leave the country.
Let's just go ahead and file this under "least useful political moves ever."

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