12 May 2006


So, apparently, many are up in arms over the paint selected for the preservation of Confederate Civil War general T.R.R. Cobb's historic mansion. The problem? it's bubble-gum pink. (Historical data informs us that this was Cobb's paint color of choice.)

The Christian Science Monitor discusses some Southern responses to the flamboyant shade:
The reaction ranged from angry to amused. Some who had fought against the house liked it. "Just horrible," said others. Dixie diehards refused to believe it. A guy in a pickup drove up and threatened to paint over it. According to local heritage experts, one of Cobb's direct descendants, Marion Cannon, sniffed: "T.R.R. Cobb would never paint his house that color."
The writer goes on to suggest that the color "has suggested a softer side to the otherwise irascible general."

Indeed. :-)

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