15 May 2006

McCain: Evangelicals' Newest Lap Dog?

John McCain, moderate and one-time last hope for a somewhat rational and even-keeled GOP, spoke at the commencement for Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.

He had a fairly warm reception, despite past conflicts with Rev. Falwell. Does this indicate that he's moving back to the right? Or that he's trying to bring conservatives more solidly back to the GOP fold? Is he setting up for a 2008 run at the presidency?

What's your take on this?


The Lizard Queen said...

It seems to me that he's been doing just about everything possible--including cozying up to W--to secure the GOP nomination in 08. If that means cozying up to the evangelicals, too, then I guess so be it. Bah.

Evil Bender said...

I used to respect him, but he's sold out one too many times. Sigh.

marshwiggle said...

hmm.. the same reason I didn't vote for mccain.. no backbone. :)